Sweet Treats around the World

If there is one thing you should know about us, it’s we love something a little sweet. When we had a kitchen to call our own, one thing we loved to do was bake. Since we no longer have that, we thought we would feed our sweet tooth with things from places we visited. Feed your sweet tooth with these amazing treats from around the world!

Belgium Chocolate

When we think of world famous chocolates, we think of Belgium! When the opportunity arose in Antwerp, Belgium to visit a chocolatier and try out hand crafted chocolates, we jumped with joy. We are glad we did because they did not disappoint! 

Popsicles in Asia

While popsicles are not specifically tied to just one part of the world, we did find that some of the cutest ones were in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and Asia! Look how cute this panda pop was from the basement foodcourt in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon Mall. 

Swedish Princess Cake

We love a good piece of cake and we love marzipan, these two come together in Sweden’s Princess Cake. We were a little concerned when we saw that it was green, but decided to dive right in to a piece. The layers of sponge cake and cream topped with marzipan and powdered sugar were fit for a princess and a couple of queens. Click here to see the amazing underground art scene in Stockholm. 

Yogurt in Singapore

This was yogurt heaven! In Singapore we came across a yogurt place called Milk & Honey, specializing in artisan yogurts parfaits. Brad got the Matcha De Coco and it was mouth watering. Perfect treat for exploring Singapore day or night.

Czech Republic’s Trdelnik

One of the most common sweet treat we saw around Prague was the Trdelnik. Traditionally it is just the dough, grilled to the perfect golden brown over open coals with caramelized sugar on the exterior. However, Prague has many Trdelnik street vendors that have put their special twist on this treat. It was filled with ice cream and Nutella chocolate. Click here to see Prague at night!

Mango Sticky Rice Thai Street Food

Who knew mangos, rice, and condensed milk could taste so good? This sweet treat is a staple street food all around Thailand. It is so delicious in every bite. 

Churros Con Chocolate in Spain

Something sweet at breakfast is the best and Spain knows how to do it. Churros con chocolate is the breakfast that the entire nation loves. It’s so simple, and so delicious. Take a churro, dip it in chocolate, and enjoy it with a cup of coffee. Good morning! 

Belgium Waffles 

The second sweet from Belgium on our list is the waffle! We saw waffles of all kinds when traveling around Belgium.  We opted for the simple and traditional waffle with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Simple divine. If you want a more over-the-top waffle, try one with fruits and chocolate on top.

Cheese Tarts through Asia

This is not your every-day cheese tart, it was made with matcha and love, it certainly was the best. The cheese tart is found all over Asia. It is a golden crust with perfectly baked cheese and filled with the creamiest cheese mousse. Melts right into your mouth.

Hong Kong Egg Waffles 

Another sweet and simple treat found across Asia and the egg waffle. It is basically a waffle baked in a special waffle iron that gives it the shape of little eggs. Generally it is baked with chocolate chips, cheese, or other little goodies to make it yummy. 

The Netherlands Stroopwafel

We may sound like a broken record but here is another type of waffle, however, this one is special. The Storopwafel is the delight of The Netherlands. It is two super thin waffles layers with a caramel-like syrup in the middle. 

Kaya Toast in Singapore 

Toast…yes, toast. Kaya toast is a popular breakfast in Malaysia and Singapore. Kaya is a special coconut jam (made with enough butter to make Paula Deen proud), spread between toast and served with a soft-boiled egg and a killer cup of coffee. 

Indonesian “Coffee” Drinks

We don’t know if we should classify this stuff as coffee or shakes, but we do know it was super delicious. Kopi Bali House in Bali, Indonesia made one of the best guilty-pleasure coffee drinks we have ever had. It was perfect after a hot day of exploring Ubud. Up next, seeing Tanah Lot at sunset!

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Stir-fried ice cream or Thai rolled ice cream or whatever you want to call it, ice cream rolls were delicious. We first saw a youtube video of a street vendor making Thai-rolled ice cream, so of course when we saw a man making some with our own eyes, we treated ourself. Who would say no to a handmade ice cream dessert. After we indulged, we decided to have a fun night out on Koh Phi Phi Island.

We are two en route for more of the world’s sweet treats.


How We Balance Down Time and Tourism

Have you ever felt more tired after a vacation? We sure have!

Being on the road we are constantly in new places with new sights to see and it is easy to fall into the habit of constantly go-go-going. We have found that it is important to balance the continual urge to see it all with the need for down time. Much like being at home, we sometimes need breaks during the day, relaxing evening, a good night sleep, and “weekends” to unwind from a week of doing.  

 Relaxing on the Black Sand Beach, Vík, Iclenad, 2016
Relaxing on the Black Sand Beach, Vík, Iclenad, 2016

We have learned how significant regular breaks during the day can be. Not only do we get to rest our feet, but we get to rest our minds. An easy way for us to do this is to find a café, have a cup of coffee, and people watch. Sitting in silence and letting our mind slow down gives us a second wind for more sight-seeing. 

 Coffee Date. Oslo, Norway, 2016
Coffee Date. Oslo, Norway, 2016

Every night cannot be a night on the town.  Sometimes the best remedy for a long day is a relaxing evening. Dive into a good book, relax in a park, binge watch a tv show, or even nodding off into an early sleep. 

 Kevin relaxing while listening to a good book. Ålä, Sweden, 2016
Kevin relaxing while listening to a good book. Ålä, Sweden, 2016

Another way we have learned to balance our downtime with our tourism is by allowing ourselves to not set wakeup alarms and simply sleeping in. Before traveling the world, we always heard how not getting enough sleep can effect many aspects of your life and it is very true. A good night’s sleep is essential for a good day of sight-seeing.

 Seeing the sights after a good night sleep. Iceland, 2016
Seeing the sights after a good night sleep. Iceland, 2016

Too many consecutive days of being on the go can lead to getting burnt out. After a few weeks of not having a day off from traveling and sight seeing it was time for us to take a weekend. Two consecutive days of hanging around with nothing planned was pure bliss. It reinvigorated us. From that point on we decided that allowing ourselves to have weekends was one of the most important ways of balancing downtime with our tourism. 

 Enjoying a weekend with nothing planned. Copenhagen, Denmark
Enjoying a weekend with nothing planned. Copenhagen, Denmark

We had to let go of being on a schedule to see everything, rather, experience the place we are visiting. A good way to do this is to balance being a tourist with simple being someone living on the move.     

We are two en route for balanced travel.