Night out on Koh Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi is an island paradise in the south of Thailand. During the day, Phi Phi is an island paradise, but when the sun goes down, the buckets come out and the party begins (we will talk about the buckets in detail later).


We started the evening by watching the sunset over Loh Dalum Bay. Pause for a romantic moment…awwwe….now for the party, because, at night, Phi Phi is a no-holds-bard fun fest! Here was how our night played out.

Lights Over the Bay

Now that the sky turned dark, we couldn’t help but notice lights strobing all over the beach and across the bay. This dictated the mood for the night letting us know great music and dancing was a for sure thing happening later in the evening. We hung out a while with a beer and watching the beach come alive.

Fire Throwers

Like a moth to a flame, we were then drawn to the many fire throwers littering the beach. Each beach dance club had their own throwers with various skill levels. After picking our jaws up off the floor gawking at their talent, and 6-packs, we decided it was time to take some pics! Our favorites were the longer exposure ones showing the path of fire cutting through the air.


We told you we would be back to talk about these. With our beers gone, time for something stronger, buckets. When we first saw stands all over the island selling “buckets,” our curiosity was peaked. Buckets are exactly that, buckets, much like ones you would see a child making sand castles with at the beach. The special thing about these buckets was they were filled to the brim with whatever mixed cocktail you could ever want; definitely not kid friends. We decided on long islands and headed to the beach clubs.

Jump Roping

We all know liquid courage makes everyone sultry dancers, but did you know it also makes you a champion jump roper? Not only are the beach clubs pawing for your business with great music and fire dancers, they are also offering various activities like beer pong, limbo and even massive illuminated jump ropes (our favorite). Kevin decided since he was the jump rope champion of his first-grade class, it was his time to show those skills again 23 years later!


Blood pumping now, we joined in with the crowds of people and danced the night away. We love the fact that Phi Phi is an island full of love and acceptance. It seemed like most of the people here were like-minded, budget travelers with no prejudice towards us for being LGBT. Love is love! We didn’t take any photos of us dancing but here is one of Kevin doing cartwheels on the beach!


Getting lost in hours of dancing, fire throwing and good times, it was time to call it a night, which means a much-needed snack before bed. The island is prepared for this most important time of the night with pizzas stalls, ice cream vendors and more serving up sweet and greasy goodness.  


The night ended a little hectic. Earlier in the day, Kevin had purchased a new pair of swim trunks, which he was still wearing for our night out. It turns out they had a hole in the pocket he had our hotel key in and the key could have fallen anywhere in the sand. Not the most fun end to the night, but fortunately the front desk had a spare. Not letting the little things get us down, we made it upstairs, brushed our teeth and let our heads hit the pillows hard and drifted off into the best sleep ever. 

 Thank you Phi Phi for showing us a good time!

We are two en route for more nights out