Brilliant Bahia Palace





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We did not know what to expect as we made our way through the winding roads of Marrakech’s Medina to find Bahia Palace. When we arrived, the entrance to the palace looked the same as all of the other buildings we had seen, but what we found inside took our breath away.

As we stepped into the first courtyard we were transported form the noise and sand filled city into a tranquil and crisp sanctuary. The white on the walls was a much needed refreshment from the red sandstone outside. As it turns out, this was only the beginning. 

We made our way through the courtyard to be greeted by the lush vegetation and exquisite design of the first garden. The artistry and craftsmanship throughout was electrifying. We spent a lot of time soaking in every detail we laid our eyes on.

The artistry continued into the garden’s four side rooms. Each room was filled with beautiful ceilings hand carved and painted. The mind can only imagine the added layers of furniture and decorations.

Every detail from floor to ceiling was fascinating to see. We could have stayed in this garden and it’s accompanying rooms all day. Little did we know this was just the beginning of what the Palace had to offer us. 

As we left the jungle of the previous garden we made our way into the second courtyard. It had a wonderfully intimate feeling. The open aired space seemed to have a blend between the crisp entry courtyard and the lush greenery of the first garden. Everything felt harmonious. 

After a nice sit down in the intimate courtyard we made our way into the largest courtyard we were able to visit in the palace. The vibrancy and drama of the design was calmed by the vastness of space. We can only imagine the large gatherings that happened here with lively conversation, delicious food, and boisterous music. 

Our next retreat waiting just beyond the colorful courtyard walls. The second garden was immaculate. Like the first garden, we were greeted with fine craftsmanship, but what made this garden so special was all of the flowering plants throughout. You could reach out and touch the beauty. 

Just off this garden was a spectacular room. It was another moment where we had to sit and take in the splendor. The most magical feature of this area was how the light came through the stained glass windows to dance across the mosaic tile floor.  

Bahia Palace was built in the late 19th century and captures the essence of Moroccan and Islamic style. The name means “brilliance” and we could see why as we made our way through 2 acres of gardens and courtyards. This was truly a gem hidden in the busy streets of the Medina. 

We are two en route for more brilliant sites


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